In a world where technology is replaced and improved at ever increasing rates, it is important that you are able to integrate existing and future technologies in order to increase the lifespan of the technoligical installations and infrastructure.

Devtron has been successfully applying important research and development findings over the past fifteen years. The end result is a range of technologies which can be integrated on a number of platforms and configurations. Devtron integrates hardware and software tecnologies through the application of tailor-made solutions and innovative thinking.

Whether you wish to integrate a surveillance system into your IT network, control lights inside your offices, switch off your landscaping sprinklers with the click of a button or to run your telecoms system from your fibre-optic cabling - it is all possile with the correct technology integration solutions.

Devtron is not only a vital partner to the individuals and companies, but also to other technology service providers within other sectors such as safety and security, access control, surveillance, fibre optic installations, network installers, but to name but a few.

Please injoy perusing our website and feel free to make contact with us, even if you simply want an expert opinion on something or have an interesting question for us! We are passionate about technology integration and we enjoy challenging scenarios.